Application Development

Database and Software Integration

How much time are you wasting trying to maintain duplicate or out of date data spread across multiple networks and systems? Your data should be working for you, not the other way round.

You might be a bank with 5,000 staff or a 4-man real estate office. Whatever your size or industry, it’s likely in this day and age you’re generating a lot of records.

All those email addresses, phone numbers, contact names, record of billing and accounts histories, progress reporting on projects, project files and databases of archived information can quickly get on top of you. When you spend too much time just managing your data and not enough time putting it to work, it’s time to get help.
System Integration

The answer is system integration, which you might also have heard termed database integration.

In any modern workplace it’s likely you access a billings database through a standalone accounts package, your contacts through an email client and your project information somewhere else entirely.

How much easier would it be if you started with a central entry point that allowed you to manage every detail of an account, project or client, each database linked to guard against duplicates or superceded records?

Database and/or software integration is the art and science of bridging the gaps between your business systems and making sure they talk to each other efficiently and cost-effectively.
Assessment and Review

Every company’s different, both in the things they do and the tools and data they use to do it.

Half the job of software and database integration is learning all about the information you use to run your business and how you use, maintain, interact with and update it.

So while much of the job is high end technical jargon and programming, the first and most important task is simply to sit down and talk to you.

We’ll assess your current data management and plan your integration out fully, a plan we then present to you which speaks plain English about how you can benefit from a truly comprehensive data integration service.

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